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I will be working on several projects and this page will provide an overview of each project and its goals.

Project #1: Job Hunt Ninja


This is one of my websites that I plan to expand beyond my wildest dreams. However, it has literally zero traffic coming to the site.

I put it up in November 2016 and just played around with a few things until I could figure out how to implement the concept in a way that could help millions of people.

I finally figured it out and am ready to showcase my efforts to help at least 100,000 people a year to get back to work or to get a better job.

That breaks down to 8,333 people a month over 28-days or 298 individuals a day.

That is a lofty goal for a site that has zero traffic right now.

If you stick around long enough, you will witness how I meet and exceed that goal using simple strategies that you can apply too!

Click here or the Job Hunt Ninja image above to visit its category to read how I am working towards achieving that goal and getting more exposure for a site with zero traffic!

Project #2: A New Life for You

ANewLifeforYouThis is another one of my websites that I was going to use for personal development but realized there was a better way to help people.

I plan to revamp it to do one thing and one thing very well….inspire people!

It will be a very simple approach that will draw a lot of traffic from various social media channels.

I’ve witnessed this being done very well by a handful of people who curate content. Curious to see how I can improve upon their methods and grow this site.

Project #3: Kidz Stylze

This site is still up in the air. I know what I desire to accomplish but haven’t figured how to do it. Once I find the best model, I will run with it. For now, I plan to offer products for kids from birth to 12-years of age.

Finding the right products that parents would desire is the difficult part as it will take some testing. However, my wife and I buy a ton of things for our kids, so we can use those things as the starting point of what we can offer through the site.

Project #4: Shawn Nelson DM

Shawn Nelson DM2This is the website you are on right now. I plan to showcase my strategies used in the projects listed above but also a few projects I plan work on for a few companies within the USA.

I have a niche in mind that I have thoroughly researched that could use some more business. All I would have to do is get their phones ringing off the hook and they will gladly invest at least $1,500 a month for that service. 🙂

Once I perfect the strategies and systems, I do plan to offer a turnkey service where others could make a nice living just connecting people to me and being the “face” of the business. This would be monthly recurring payments for the life of the customer ranging from $200 – $400.

Once I am at that point, I will make the announcement on this site.

There will be additional projects I will add over time like the one for my church and its sister churches but will hold off on including them here until I get these where I want them!