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Move - Get It Going

Do You Get It Right or Get It Going?

I am in the process of launching a site that is important to me.

It’s a culmination of what I have done for the last 5-years and will assist me to help tens of thousands of people a year to improve their standard of living.JHN-Logo-DM

This is the site to the right called the Job Hunt Ninja.

My initial problem was, “How can I do this right and not screw it up?”

I went on to make the concept better by tweaking every little thing trying to get it right.

It was tested on thousands of people over 5-years and still I have nothing to show for it.

Well, I actually have a ton of satisfied people who would gladly provide a testimonial and even get on a webinar/conference call to share their experience with my training.

Then why haven’t I launched it yet?

I was too busy perfecting it before I released it. 🙁

It is unlike me to take this long to launch anything.

My motto is launch first and iterate along the way.

After waking up from what appeared to be an OCD state of perfection, I am back on track.

Now I have to figure out exactly what I am going to do to get the word out about how I can help people.

Hmmmm…….what strategy should I use? Who should I target? What channel should I use?

Wait, wait, wait…I almost got caught up in the “perfection black hole again”….lol

This is how I currently plan to approach things.

It’s important to note that everything I write is fluid as it can and will change as I implement things.

  1. I have to identify who I desire to target. I have three possible target markets but can only reach one at a time for now.
  2. How will I reach these people?
  3. What will I offer them?
  4. How will I follow up with them?

Let’s breakdown these four areas a little more to have some clarity.

  1. Should I focus on high school graduates, college students (juniors, seniors and recent graduates) or career changers?
    • I am going to start with college students (juniors, seniors and recent graduates) because they have invested a lot of time and money into their education and need to get a good job as soon as possible.
    • This will also include returning adult college students not just individuals in their twenties
  2. How to reach the people
    • The plan is to reach my target audience on Facebook first including Instagram then YouTube and LinkedIn.
  3. What will I offer them
    • I will offer my Job Hunt Essentials training for free to anyone to wants to get a better job or get back to work
    • I will offer to assist individuals who need help in creating a resume starting at $149 and it will be advertised throughout the Job Hunt Essentials training.
      • Keep in mind I am still working on how to set this up to be as smooth as possible for the client and myself.
    • I will offer people 3 videos that will reveal a few strategies that can help people get a phone call or email for a job interview within 72-hours or less for a small investment of $9.95
  4. How will I follow up with them
    • At the end of the Job Hunt Essentials training individuals can sign up to receive updates, tips and insights
    • The goal is to give good, quality content that people can use to get results. Then they will come back and sign up for more goodies.

The one thing I have not mentioned, which is extremely important is, “Do I have a customer persona for the ideal customer?”

At this time, I do not and am working on it.

Everything I just stated is based on my experience but I need to hear from potential customers who may not fit into the categories I believe will be my ideal audience.

Next Steps

My next steps are to develop the customer persona and make sure I am not wasting time on people who have no desire for my services.

The good news is I have been reaching out to past clients for feedback and it’s helping me to see who my ideal customer should be as I move forward.

Until next time!